El estilo surealista de Tiger Lillies ha sido descrito como dark, humor negro, brechtiano y de cabaret gitano. También son famosos por interpretar canciones polémicas que tratan temas como la zoofilia, la prostitución y la blasfemia.

To him remarked his fiancée
As he was set to go away,
"Whatever peril you are in
Swear you won’t resort to gin".
Once he arrived in regions far
He went to visit the bazaar.
Against the fearful native din
He thought to take a sip of gin,
When he, arrayed in khaki pants,
Would go out hunting elephants.
The sun would make his head spin,
He took a thermos full of gin
As fierce uprisings were put down.
Time after time inside the town
He celebrated every win
By toasting all his troops in gin.
He mumbled "I’m awfully tired",
Then shortly after he expired,
But not before one last tin
Of something that was labelled gin.
His fiancée came with a wreath
Where he was laid six feet beneath,
Abandoned by his kith and kin
Because he had succumbed to gin.

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